About John

John is an acclaimed online English Coach.

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Trust & Reliability

Are you performing below your potential?

I approach every class with passion and patience. My main goal is to draw out the very best in all of my students by providing clear and supportive instructions and effective corrective feedback.

I am highly communicative and lead my classes by using the very best materials, technology, and teaching methodology.

Standardized Tests

I help learners of all levels approach difficult exams with confidence by using the very best and latest technology, tools, methods, and materials to empower students to go beyond their limits – to achieve success.

I help students acquire the tools, knowledge, and strategies to get a great score on placement and proficiency tests:


Reading, Writing & Analysis

I specialize in working with both native and non-native speaking English learners to help them understand how to read and write in an academic context.

In addition to essay writing, my classes involve developing a solid knowledge of how fiction is constructed, analysis of modern and classic literature, critical thinking, and the development of creative writing skills.


About John Healy

John is an Assistant Professor of English at Korea University. He is an expert in general communication strategies, Business & Job Interview skills in English, TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC Speaking test prep, and EFL Reading and Writing. Drop him a note: learnenglish@me.com or follow his Academic English magazine on Flipboard: http://flip.it/EHsJU
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5 Responses to About John

  1. Aran JO says:

    Definetely John is the greatest English teacher I’ve ever met before! John trust students’ potential and guide us onto the right path. Thanks to his help, I was able to enjoy whole precess of preparing Toeic speaking test, finally I acheived my purpose! In addition to getting test score, I totally engrossed in studying Englsih since I took John’s class. Once again, John is a excellent teacher !!!

  2. Hailey yeojin Park says:

    It’s already 6 years ago since I met John as my English teacher at my university. His tutoring sessions were very helpful that I could successfully finish my studying abroad program in Europe and moreover, I learned the ordinary expressions to westerners on certain situation which I could face but not experienced in certain situations during my semesters as an exchange student.
    Anyway, I graduated my school and have a job at a office without no worries using English. Thanks for his tutoring and practical lectures, I have no fear to communicate or work with foreigners from other countries not based on Korea even I have some grammar mistakes… haha 🙂 Thanks John!

  3. Rachel Ko says:

    John is a delightful, careful, friendly professor. In addition, he makes fun our English class through voluntary participation and communication with others. Moreover, he teaches me like my pronunciation and grammar in details. I want to study English harder to talk with John. In short, John is the best English professor and a best friend only one in the world.

  4. Nicolas Lim says:

    I was taught by him for four years ago because of essentially to complete a course.When I took a class, he had been taught very impassionedly. Since I took a class, I have studied harder. In addition, He is not a teacher who bother student’s optional question.
    Thank you very much teacher.

  5. Kim hye in says:

    John always compliments and encourages students. It makes the students have a confidence in English and try one more time to speak English. Also, John is a greatly able teacher. His class is really fun(I think it is very great ability) so students can much more understand and concentrate on the lecture. Even the students can enjoy the class laughing and laughing. John always immerses me in his class. Basically John is a warm and friendly person and he loves students. It is the best virtue for educators. I’m really happy to meet a teacher like John who loves and encourages his students. I’ve taken many English classes so far, but John’s class was the best class I’ve ever seen before.

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